Patricia K. Emmons Architecture and Fine Art

For 26 years, Bill Curtis and Patricia Emmons practiced architecture and art together as Curtis & Emmons Architects.  After Bill's death in 2008, Patricia has continued their tradition of excellence begun in 1982.

Patricia believes that Vitruvian definition of architecture, commodity, firmness & delight, rings true. 

Commodity:  A building should follow the owner's and site's pragmatic requirements.

Firmness:  A building should fulfill all engineering and environmental requirements.

Delight:  The spaces in and out of a building should bring a joy of shelter.

The first two standards, commodity and firmness are what Patricia calls the "duh" criteria.  Every architect should be able to provide these requirements.  Delight is what separates wonderful architecture from mediocre.  Patricia Emmons wants to make every client's heart sing from the spaces created especially for them.